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Quick presentation of "My Small Business":


  • My status is that of an artisanal micro-enterprise, that is to say that on my invoices appears the mention "VAT not applicable", according to article B of the CGI.

  • I am the sole creator and administrator of the micro-enterprise TOTEM by "Les Bijoux de Lawrence", from the creation of the jewelry to shipping.


Material and specificity of my Jewelry:  


  • The main material of my jewelry is ceramic or terracotta. The term ceramic refers to firing the earth at a minimum of 800° Celsius. We know stoneware, porcelain, earthenware; for example sandstone is obtained with chamotte clay and fired at 1300°C. 

  • My jewels are therefore made from non-chamotted gleize and fired between 800 and 1,000° Celsius. My pearls are shaped by hand and once cooked, painted with a special ceramic paint from the Pébéo brand. Some pieces can be enamelled before painting, for example rings, pendants or ceramic links (read the description of the jewel carefully). The paint is also fired between 100 and 120° Celsius, the enameling is done at 600° Celsius for its part.

Accessories used to finish the Jewels and other characteristics:

  •   To assemble my beads or ceramic pieces, I generally use stainless steel tiger tail cable for the necklaces, magic stretch elastic nylon thread for the bracelets (Rahyer), leather for some pendants , synthetic leather, suede.
    In small accessories, can be added intermediate beads such as miyuki, seed beads, faceted glass beads or Rahyer synthetic beads, elements in stainless steel, golden brass, nickel-free metal alloy such as connectors, cups, clasps , charms. I also use real natural stones for some bracelets or for encrusted rings.

  • In the range of jewelry offered, there are timeless and classic styles such as necklaces and chokers composed of round pearls, Softy range for example, and more sculptural or ethnic jewelry and very personal creations, whether in shape, color or texture. Each piece of jewelry is somehow unique even though there is a guideline. 

  • Basically I have professional training as a dental technician, a field quite close to jewelry and I have always worked with clay to make sculptures. It was in 2018 that I created my own activity and I have been registered in the register of arts and crafts since July 2019. 

  • My goal is to evolve in design, to offer new creations made with the means of the moment. Note that more recently and in small quantities, I offer genuine natural stone bracelets (stone supplier site: Beaumonde).


Collier ras-de-cou massif en céramique

I hope I have made you want to visit my shop and read the item description. Regarding delivery and other subjects, I refer you to the page FAQs, and I remind you that you are welcome for any question. Maybe I will open chat slots if the request arises, the goal is mutual respect and trust. Natalie.

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