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Massive and sculptural, this ring from the Totem range is a ring for adornment or ornament. It is a large size, size 72 French or 14 US, it has a diameter in verticality of 24 millimeters and in horizontality of 22 millimeters, the inner circumference measured using a paper tape is 66 millimeters. Its weight is 39.2 grams. This ring is entirely made by hand,  refined with a scalpel and sandpaper (therefore no hand motor vibrations), enamelled ceramic then painted, baked paint and varnish. The paint color is a dusty pink and a finely laid silver gray for sculptural detail. The total height of the ring is approximately 5 cm,  see photo taken with a 2 euro coin for scale. Beautiful light from the raw green quartz  embedded and firmly fixed in the final phase.  It is the shape of the stone that guides the making of the ring. It has a cathedral shape and is ideal for an index finger, middle finger or ring finger if the right size, read the measurements carefully at the beginning of the ad. Pleasant to the touch,  it is imposing, luminous and ornamental. The reflections of the quartz vert  vary depending on the light, it is superb.


Enamelled ceramic, raw green quartz, Pébéo baked paint and varnish

TOTEM ring, enamelled ceramic and green quartz, size 72 FR or 14 US

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