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Classic and purely artisanal, this ornamental ring in enamelled ceramic is a small French size 52 on the Maty ring sizer or 16.6 mm in diameter. Ideal for the little finger for example or for the ring finger, however check that your real size is 52 because the ring is 17 mm wide to avoid a tourniquet effect (Photo on model, ring too small for the model by example). The thickness of the ring is between 2.7 mm - 3.5 mm. Look for the direction and the most comfortable position of the ring because of its spiral shape and its more or less important thickness in certain places. Completely honed with sandpaper so no vibrations from a hand motor. Beautiful effect, a lot of charm. Unique handcrafted piece. Advice: do not sleep with it.

  • Enamelled ceramic, Pébéo baked paint and varnish.
  • All my jewels are entirely made by hand, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

Ornamental ring in enamelled ceramic, white and gold, size 52 French or 6US

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