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Mobile, becoming and luminous, these earrings are composed of 3 flat degressive ceramic pieces in iridescent red color and adjusted on stainless hooks and stainless steel cable. Attention, the weight per ear  is between 9 and 10 grams et the length of the earring hook included_cc7-19519 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_est 10 cm max. They highlight the carriage of the head; massive with a weight that is however reasonable. They are lovely. Delivered in box, careful packaging.

  • Stainless hooks, Pébéo paint and varnish (baked), ceramic, faceted glass beads.
  • All my items are entirely handmade, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

Women's jewelry, "Bohème" mini-series ceramic earrings, cherry red

SKU: BO23rouge
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