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This superb shiny black-amethyst choker is made up of 7 enamelled ceramic pieces, the central piece of which is in the shape of a heart polished natural stone (merlinite).  The binding system is designed when modeling the parts with wire in force-formed steel and retention system in clay,  all fired together in a ceramic kiln. The pieces are also enamelled on the curved surface (recto) and painted over the entire piece (recto-verso). The central piece has a diameter of 5 cm at the widest and the other pieces a length of 4 to 5 cm. Weighing 105 grams for a length of 38 to 39 cm from clasp to clasp (clasp not included), this choker is  comfortable. The enamelled ceramic pieces are painted in black-amethyst color with a small silver effect on the central piece and linked together with connectors, the starter of the necklace is an alternation of stainless steel beads and Rahyer beads in purple color. harmonizing beautifully with the paint, screw clasp.

Totally artisanal, the final jewel is inspired and guided by the natural stone of the central piece which is firmly fixed. Bright, elegant, this necklace is of a great effect to highlight you. Very beautiful, it is a unique piece.

Pébéo paint and varnish, stainless steel, silver-plated metal, Rahyer pearls, polished natural stone (merlinite), enamelled ceramic.

Women's jewelry: Glazed ceramic choker, heart of merlinite

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