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Original, this pendant is also very sunny and classy. It perfectly adorns the neckline, luminous. Composition: A ceramic piece of 6.5 cm in length and width: 4.5 cm. Made in one piece, no gluing + bronze color beads and fine leather lace (1 mm in diameter), carabiner clasps. Weight: 35 grams. Avoid sleeping or showering with it due to the thinness of the leather lace. Very feminine, this coppery brown pendant is  ideal for sunny days.

  • Ceramic, baked Pébéo paint and varnish, leather, bronze metal alloy beads.
  • All my jewels are artisanal products entirely made by hand, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

Jewellery: Ceramic and leather choker, solar pendant, coppery brown

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