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This adornment bracelet adorns the wrist nicely, it is of great effect and comfortable. Suitable for an average wrist diameter between 5 cm minimum and 7.5 cm maximum, or for a maximum wrist circumference of 16.5 cm, it will easily tighten for a lower circumference. In aluminum lined with leather, the bracelet will take the shape of your wrist, just gently remove it to pass the edge of the wrist and tighten slightly. To avoid deformations, it is not recommended to sleep with it. Arabic calligraphy means the word hope.   Neat finishes. Bright and refined, for men or for women.

Composition: 3 ceramic pieces, diameter of the central piece: 3 cm. black aluminum slats, leather, suede. Baked paint and varnish. Weight: 32g. Enamelled central piece.

Bracelet adornment in aluminum and enamelled ceramic, Arabic calligraphy "Hope",

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