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Red adornment: Bright, this mini-adornment is all in finesse and lightness with a total weight of 25 grams for the set. The choker and the bracelet are adjusted on a doubled magic stretch nylon thread (0.8 mm x 2), resistant and which resumes its size, the choker is threaded by the head. The earrings are adjusted on stainless steel cable, and stainless gold hooks. Composition: 22 ceramic beads with the golden color piece for the necklace, 14 ceramic beads for the bracelet and 4 for each earrings. In between translucent yellow seed beads and butterfly beads, 2 rhinestone beads for the earrings. A lot of work, especially painting (+ varnish) for this small set with a simple and minimalist look. Necklace diameter: 11 cm, bracelet diameter: 6 cm, unstretched, and length of the hook earrings included: 7.5 cm. Feminine, luminous, practical, this set is simply delightful. Beautiful quality and unique piece.

Set of ceramic pearls, choker, earrings and bracelet, red

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