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Feminine, sober and luminous, this black and white set is lovely. The necklace made up of 23 ceramic beads is adjusted on a stainless steel cable, stainless flower cups and miyuki beads in between. Length of 48 cm for a weight of 60 grams, screw clasp. The bracelet is adjusted on Rayher magic stretch wire, doubled, (2 x 0.5 mm). it slips on easily. Diameter 5.5 cm unstretched, composed of 9 ceramic beads + ornamental elements. Medium wrist size, suitable for the majority. The earrings are adjusted on rigid steel wire and stainless hooks. Length of 6 cm hooks included, weight: 4 grams per ear, very light. This classic and elegant little set is really lovely and of good quality. It is a unique piece.

  • Ceramic, Pébéo paint and varnish (baked), stainless steel hooks, stainless steel cable, Rahyer magic stretch nylon thread, miyuki pearls, stainless steel flower cups (necklace).
  • All my articles are artisanal products from the shaping of the ceramic pieces to the assembly.

Women's adornment, necklace, bracelet and earrings, black and white color

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