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Picture painting on ceramic sphere 2.5 cm in diameter, personal interpretation of the balance of fire and ice. The title conflagration is related to global warming and warns of the importance of the balance of nature. Glazed piece. The piece is decorated with various elements, see photos. Atypical, sober and comfortable with a weight of 17 grams, it is a unique piece. It is adjusted on a leather lace 3 mm in diameter and 50 cm long, black aluminum bail, screw clasp fixed with stainless steel cable. Pendant length: 9 cm. This pendant is elegant, sober and feminine. It is a unique piece.

  • Ceramic, leather, paint and varnish (cooked), aluminium, stainless steel cable, Rahyer beads, screw clasp.
  • All my items are entirely handmade, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

"Ignition" ceramic pendant on leather lace, personalized painting

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