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A unique, massive and gold-coloured piece that will enhance a black dress or a tuxedo for example while being comfortable with a weight of 70 grams. A very large job of painting and varnishing (many layers) for beautiful reflections. Ceramic part size : 9.5/8.5 cm. Just to note on the internal side, a very slight pleating of the varnish in a symmetrical way, in the shape of a circle, not visible in the photos because of the shine. This in no way alters the beauty of the article if you like the concept and the massive style. Leather lace length: 63 cm, bronze metal carabiner clasps attached to the lace with golden stainless steel cable, resistant , two square bronze metal beads. Neat finishes. Very bright piece of very soft gold color.

  • Enamelled ceramic, leather, Pébéo paint and varnish (baked).
  • All my jewels are artisanal products entirely made by hand, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

Massive enamelled ceramic pendant on leather lace, antique gold colour.

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