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Superb associated blue lapis and gold colors that give this choker a lot of charm and elegance. This necklace is composed of 27 ceramic pieces of three different shapes and small ornamental elements, screw clasp; it is adjusted on a stainless steel cable, in double row for this model. Comfortable with a weight of 59 grams for a minimum length of 43 cm, however, provide some margin for a nice effect (diameter: 14 cm). Luminous, it beautifully adorns the neckline.

  • Ceramic, double row stainless steel cable, Pébéo paint and varnish (baked), screw clasps.
  • All my articles are artisanal products from the shaping of the ceramic pieces to the assembly.

Choker, ceramic beads, lapis blue and gold color, "Isis" range

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