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Atypical, this lasso necklace is elegant. The enamelled ceramic cabochon  is emerald green and green-black; it is connected to the bag-shaped piece by a hooking system with a black aluminum strip . The two pieces slide on the lace, pulling alternately on each side with delicacy.  The tips are also made of ceramic. The lace is a braiding of green suede, white synthetic leather and gold-colored stainless steel cable. Total length of the braided lace: 120 cm. It is a unique piece. To wear on a shirt for example. Lightweight with a weight around 55 grams.

  • Ceramic, suede, Pébéo paint and varnish (baked), aluminum.
  • All my jewels are artisanal products entirely made by hand, from the shaping of the beads or ceramic pieces to the assembly. France.

Ceramic and suede necklace, emerald green, lasso or Y

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